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After a video surfaced of the actress back on drugs, her former co-star stepped in to help.

Danielle Kwateng-Clark
Jul, 10, 2017

Five years ago when actress Maia Campbell appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life, there was some semblance of hope that she'd get help. Having battled bi-polar disorder and drug abuse, the beauty was working on being healthy and re-establish a relationship with her daughter

But a video floating around on Sunday revealed Campbell was in Atlanta, looking disheveled and on drugs again. The heart-wrenching video stirred at the core of fans, who remember the talent being healthy and vibrant in her early career. 

Soon after it surface, her In The House co-star, LL Cool J made a public plea to find her with the help of Instagram. And it appears, from a post of him saying "Thank You", that he was successful. 

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But LL Cool J made it clear on his thoughts on the video that was posted by a local Atlanta rapper. "Instead of pulling out your phone and filming someone who's obviously having trouble. Maybe lend a helping hand? A kind word? @MaiaCampbell"

No word yet on how LL Cool J plans on helping the now 40-year-old Campbell, but she's definitely in our thoughts and prayers.