Watch November Issue Guest Editor, Tarana Burke Share The Impact Of A Black Woman Having The Biggest Voice In The Movement

"I talk about Black women so much so we can make sure that we're seen. We so often are not," she says.
It was a no-brainer to have activist and founder of the powerful #MeToo Movement, Tarana Burke as the November issue guest editor of ESSENCE. She spearheaded a movement that helped survivors find their voice and in turn, she’s opened up so many necessary conversations that needed to happen around rape and sexual assault. The #MeToo Movement thrust Burke into the spotlight and it took her some time to embrace this newfound fame. While there’s plenty of women who shower her with love and appreciation for helping women speak out about their experiences with rape and sexual assault, Burke also has a lot of haters who want nothing more than to yell at her, shame her, and in the worst cases, hurt her. Tarana Burke is a Black woman from the Bronx, just trying to live her life. However, both praise and peril come with being seen. “If I had my way, nobody would know me,” Burke giggled during an exclusive sit-down with ESSENCE about her life’s purpose, leading the #MeToo Movement. Burke would much rather some “young unicorn” be the face of her movement. She still wants to do the work, advocating for survivors, but we can all keep the fame. It’s not her mission. “I could never imagine that I would be in a position to have this kind of visibility,” she shared. Burke wants to make sure that victims are seen and heard, the residual fame she gained is an afterthought. “I don’t feel heroic, I feel dutiful. I feel like I’ve been given a responsibility.”