These days, we’re obsessed with all things Zhuri James!

The youngest child and only daughter of LeBron and Savannah James has the spunkiest personality and the dance moves to match. In the latest TikTok video with her parents and brothers Bronny and Bryce, Zhuri leads the pack as they perform Drake’s “Tootsie Slide.” Little miss thing decided to lightweight flex on us by doing a split. Ok! We see you, sis.

This isn’t the first time Zhuri has been the star of the show in an Instagram moment. The James family recently took part in the “Can’t Touch This” challenge on TikTok. All eyes were on 5-year-old Zhuri, who absolutely crushed it.

Here she is with her brother Bryce hitting the “woah” like a pro.

After her latest dance video, it seems the internet is unanimously team Zhuri.

Looks like we’ve got a superstar in the making!


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