As professional relationship coaches, we meet many “serial first daters” (our nickname)—they are people who have a hard time moving dating relationships forward to something more serious. Sound like you or someone you know? You’re not alone.
One of the main things that may be missing from your dating equation is knowing your USP (unique selling proposition), meaning what are those wonderful characteristics you’ve been blessed with that will keep his interest when the initial butterflies and goosebumps subside? The reason this question is so important as we delve deeper is because it takes more than a great career, pretty face and round bottom to maintain a long term, committed relationship, and so often, we’re more focused on what HE needs to be rather than taking a moment to uncover what we’re bringing to the table that he can’t get anywhere else.
If you’ve never looked at it this way, here are seven questions to as yourself to get started with helping you determine what your dating USP is: