Woman Proposes to Boyfriend On Bended Knee, Video Goes Viral
Getty Creative Image

Who says you have to wait for a guy to propose to you first? It’s 2017 and women continue to go for what they want in all areas of their lives and that includes marriage proposals.

Of course, this nothing new, but there’s a new video of a woman proposing to her now-fiancé that’s gone viral, and it’s super cute.

In the sweet clip, the couple is seen out and about in Times Square where the proposal took place. Little did her fiancé know at the time, she planned to be the one to get down on one knee and surprise him with a ring.  In the most fun and sweetest way, the future groom said yes.

He wasn’t reluctant or nervous to accept the ring from her in such a public way.  In fact, he did a cute jig and even screamed that he said “YES” in victory after he put the ring on his finger.

Now ladies that what we call shooting your shot.

Would you get down on one knee and propose to your man?