Woman Responds to Man Who Publicly Shames Her On Facebook For Being “Bougie” On Their Date
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Imagine logging on to Facebook and reading a rude recap about how women behave on dates, only to realize that it was posted by the guy you just went out on a date with. Now, imagine that his version of events was also total B.S.

Well it allegedly happened to a woman named Chelsea, after her date with a man named Curtis, but luckily she literaly had the reciepts to expose his lies.

The ordeal was first spotted over in The Shade Room. After their date, Curtis took to Facebook to detail some of the disappointment he had during their experience. 

“Ladies…ladies…let me give you sum tips,” he wrote. “If a man offers to take you out on a date for the girst time, don’t get in the restaurant ordering s–t YOU wouldn’t normally buy yourself. $20 Martini’s and $30 plus entrees, you know damn well you wouldn’t typically get that unless it was your damn birthday lol…Some of you just run the hell out I swear. SMH.”

The problem was, that’s not exactly what happened.

Chelsea, who realized Curtis was alluding to their experience, quickly chimed in stating that her date’s rant was unwarranted and untrue.  She even posted the actual reciept to prove she did in fact pay for her meal.

“Fun 6 facts!,” her iconic clapback began. “I got time today I’m tired of being nice. But I had to address this ignorance. LET ME GIVE YOU SOME TIPS Curtis. 

1. My meal was only $28.37 AND I PAID FOR MY OWN MEAL
2. I was nice enough and considerate enough to pick you up. It wasn’t that serious.
3. I picked you up because you got a dui and can’t drive
4. You been asking out for months and I finally said yes
5. You chose the restaurant, you should’ve chosen an even cheaper place if you could not afford it
6. Tip for you: Next time think twice because you do this again.”

Don’t think the drama ends there; it gets better. 

After Curtis responded by once again backing his story, Chelsea posted an actual copy of her meal receipt paid which proved that she paid with her own card. Oop!

In an attempt to save face, Curtis flatly replied, “And? I never said I did pay. That’s you doing the most for Facebook.”

Moral of the story? Don’t post a rant to social media unless you have the receipts to back it up.