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Willow Smith's 'Curiosity' About Polyamory Inspired The Next Red Table Talk Episode

The popular talk show is about to really go there, once again.

If you know anything about Jada Pinket Smith and her no holds barred talk show Red Table Talk, you know absolutely nothing is off limits – especially when it comes to sex and relationships. From cheating to porn, there’s no territory too taboo for Jada, her mom Adrienne and daughter Willow to talk about. So it comes as no surprise that the next episode deals with a topic that might make you clutch your pearls just a little.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pinkett Smith sat down to talk about her polarizing talk show, revealing that the next episode deals with polyamory. She says the idea was all Willow’s. “It’s a throuple that Willow was actually following on Instagram,” she explains to the host. “That’s how it all came to be. She became very curious about this whole polyamory thing.” When asked if she thinks her daughter might considering polyamory for herself one day, Pinkett Smtih answered, “Possibly. I don’t know. Listen, she’s 18 — who the heck knows what’s going to go down.”

Pinkett Smith’s is no stranger to talking about sex with her kids. During a recent episode of Red Table Talk, the ladies discussed their relationship with porn with Willow revealing she was only 11 when peers influenced her to watch.

“The thing that I will say though is that because I had you [Jada] and daddy to actually have real conversations with, that stuff didn’t affect me because I had a connection with people I could talk to about it,” Willow tells her mom. “And I knew what the reality was.”

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