Why Being Spiritually Centered With Your Partner Is Key to a Healthy Relationship
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The distractions of life can often get in the way of a lot of things, especially when it comes to love, but this week on ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl podcast, former 2012 ESSENCE Eligible Bachelor Greg Corbin II and his longtime girlfriend Helanah explain why it’s important to be grounded in a your relationship and focused on the same spiritual mision.

Talking with ESSENCE Senior Digital Love and Relationships Editor Charli Penn, the couple who met in 2013 keep it real about what it means to be woke and in love. 

“It takes a village to raise a relationship, not just a child,” said Helanah, the founder of Yoge Tree. “You have to pick your battles in a relationship.”

Corbin, who is a poet and educator, echoed his soul mate’s sentiments and together the couple explored the importance of intention when selecting the right partner to navigate through life with.

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“I think what makes it easier is the ability to be reflective and vulnerable and also empathetic,” he adds. “I think if you can relate because, remember, it’s a relationship, but if you can continuously relate to someone who is growing just like you no matter how beautifully or ugly the moment is, then you can actually grow and build something that strengthens the foundation of what you have.

Corbin went on to express how they’ve learned the importance of vulnerability and empathy when choosing love. “Because without vulnerability you can’t let anybody in and express your humanity, ” he adds. “Without that empathy, you can’t really relate and step into someone’s shoes and that’s very important in a relationship. That’s what we lack sometimes. I think taking time to yourself to be reflective to regain perspective on who you are, who you are and who you want to become as it relates to the relationship and as it relates to you as the individual that’s extremely important.”

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