Is It Time To Renew Your Vows? Here Are 7 Scenarios Where It Makes Sense
digitalskillet/Getty Images

Beyonce and Jay-Z may have recently renewed their wedding vows and got their fans talking, but the act of recommitting to each other and reaffirming your marital promises in a big way is nothing new. In fact, experts say it dates all the way back to the 50s  With each decade that passes, vow renewals become more popular, and now it’s very common to see couples heading back to the altar to resolidify their marriage or celebrate a major milestone. For some, the ceremony and celebration are as big as, if not bigger than, their original wedding day.

The meaning and effects of renewing your vows can be a powerful tool in a marriage, but when exactly should you do it? There are no rules here, other than to follow your heart, but there are some key indicators that it could be a good time to recommit to each other in a big way. Here are a few.