What You Said: I Feel Sexiest Around My Man When…
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There’s nothing like being in the presence of the man you love and feeling like there isn’t another woman on the planet who’s sexier than you are. We asked our readers to fill In the blank: “When I’m with a man I’m really into, I feel the sexiest when ________.” Your answers rocked! Read our favorites!

When He Misses Me In His Sleep
“While sleeping, he rolls over and reaches for me as if knowing, even in his sleep, something is missing…his other half.” – Adrien W.

When I Make Him Smile
“When he smiles like a little boy on Christmas morning when he sees me.” – Sharon A.

“When he just looks at me and smiles for no reason.” – Jacinta A.

When He Whispers Sweet Nothings In My Ear
“When he whispers in my ear, ‘You are so beautiful.’” – Carolyn W.

When He Watches Me Lead
“He attends a work event with me and watches with intrigue as I work in a leadership capacity. The icing on the cake is when he applauds my work on the ride home, and when we ‘settle in’ in for the night!” – Staci W.

When He’s Being Sensual and Sweet
“When he gently takes my chin and brings me in closer to kiss him.” – Tonia W.

“When he places his hand on the small of my back.” – Angela L.

When He Knows What He Has
“When he stares at me like he knows what he has.” – Talna M.

When I Feel Pretty From Head-to-Toe
“When my nails and feet are done.” – Elizabeth R.

When He Only Has Eyes For Me
“When we are together in a crowed room and I’m his main focus.” – Era C.

“When I look at him and he is already looking at me, and smiling.” – Renee Y.

When He Can’t Keep His Hands Off
“He can’t stop kissing and touching me.” – Laneisha M.

When I’m In His Arms
“When I’m just laying in his arms having small talk, feeling the movement of his body and silently listening to his heartbeat as he speaks.” – Jacqeline D.

When He Respects My Wishes
“When he respects my celibacy!” – Sandra J.

When I Can Be Myself
“When I can completely be my quirky, cerebral and expressive self!” – Dionna J.

When No Words Are Needed
“I have all of his attention and we are looking into each other eyes with no words.” – April C.

When He’s Making Commitments
“When he tells me he intends to spend the rest of his life with me.” – Christie S.

When We Laugh Together
“When we laugh until our tummies ache.” – Gcinile N.

When I’m Going For It
“When he in encourages me to go for my goals in life.” – Edwina L.

When Great Minds Think Alike
“When our thoughts intertwine.” – Claire A.