<p>The Dubai Datebook? Black Twitter Hilariously Attempts to Decipher the 'RHOA' Shade</p>

Phaedra Parks threw major shade Kenya's way with that comment on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last night, and of course Twitter couldn't let it go.


Last night on part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special, Phaedra Parks could have quite possibly thrown the most shade of all with a whispered accusation caught on the microphone.

Per usual the reunion was filled with sassy one liners, receipts and tons of shade, but there was one epic one liner that Phaedra threw Kenya Moore’s way that intrigued fans on Twitter more than all of the others. After Kenya accused Phaedra of having two personalities — the Southern Belle and a “freak side”, Phaedra defended herself with this quck quip: “You can talk about seeing yourself in the Dubai datebook all you want…”

Say what now?! Phaedra’s shade was good, but it left most of Twitter wanting to know a little more. What was that Dubai datebook comment really all about? We searched high and low online and came up short on an official explanation, but of course Black Twitter was doing all of the asking for us and the result was hilarious.

RHOA fans on Twitter just want to add their names to the Dubai datebook, whatever it is.