When it comes to making love, are you a once a day type of girl or a once a week kind of girl? Sex can really help a marriage along some bumpy roads, but things can go downhill if marital partners are poorly-matched sexual partners. How important is sex in your relationship to you? Find out now.

1. How often do you think about sex in a day?
a) 1 to 5 times
b) 5 to 10 times
c) 10 or more times

2. What is an appropriate number of times-per-week that you expect to have sex with your partner?
a) 1 to 3 times
b) 4 to 7 times
c) 8 or more times

3. How often do you masturbate each week?
a) 0 to 2 times
b) 3 to 6 times
c) every day

4. Would you break up with someone for having a low sex drive?
a) No, sex isn’t everything, we can have fun doing other things
b) Not before working hard to improve our sex life
c) Yes, if someone has a low sex drive, we’ll never be well-matched

5. Which statement is most true for you?
a) You have sex with your partner to relieve stress
b) You have sex with your partner to feel more connected
c) You have sex with your partner out of pure desire for them

6. You’ve been without sex for two months? How do you feel?
a) You haven’t even noticed
b) You feel a tense and irritable
c) You’re flipping through your little black booty-call book

Done. Now, tally your score…
For every A = 1 pt
For every B = 2 pts
For every C = 3 pts

Add your points and see how important sex in your relationship is to you.

If you scored: 6 to 9 points
You’re An Easy Rider:
Of course you enjoy sex, but you don’t need it all the time. In fact, your friends have described you as a sex camel, meaning you soak up the sex when you get it and a good romp in the hay can keep you satisfied for a long time

If you scored: 10 to 14
You’re Ready and Steady:
You keep track of how much sex you have, but if you skip a few days, you’re not freaking out. You savor the good times and will even space out your sexual encounters to increase desire.

If you scored: 15 to 18
You’re a Sexaholic:
You take the term “sex is the glue that keeps a couple together” literally. You would have a sexual experience with your partner  twice-a-day everyday, if timing permitted. If for some reason you and your partner can’t have sex, you’ll definitely take care of yourself.

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