Which Celebrity Marriage Is Your Ideal Relationship?

Take this short quiz and see which couple would you be…

1. What would you and your guy prefer to do with your free time?
a) Donate some of your time to volunteer work
b) Catch a comedy show, dance performance or some other cultural event
c) Hang with the kids, doing something the whole family will enjoy
d) Kick it courtside at a basketball game

 2. What would your ideal wedding be like?
a) We’d like a simple, practical wedding, without too many frills
b) We’d prefer something luxurious and elegant, but not gaudy
c) We’d love a destination wedding somewhere exotic
d) Privacy is most important to us. We want an extravagant affair, surrounded by only a select few

3. What are your thoughts about having pets?  
a) One medium sized dog that doesn’t shed too much is ideal
b) We’ll get pets for our kids. It will teach them responsibility
c) The more the merrier, we love animals
d) We’re too busy for pets right now, but maybe in the future

4. What’s your favorite takeout food to order together?
a) We prefer to eat local, seasonal, organic food so we don’t usually order in
b) We like exotic food but it has to be healthy, like sushi
c) Something communal that we can all share, like Mexican or Middle Eastern food
d) Whatever room service has to offer

5. What’s your ideal vacation with your guy?
a) Taking an educational trip that allows us to learn more about the world
b) Going on safari in South Africa to immerse ourselves in a different way of life
c) Renting a beach house for the family on an island in the Caribbean
d) Sailing around the Mediterranean on a private yacht

6. Are you homebodies or party animals?
a) We’re pretty early to rise, so while we like to kick back we don’t go out much
b) We like to go to cocktail parties but our clubbing days are over
c) Whenever we can find a baby sitter we party like rock stars
d) We like to party it up with VIP, bottle service, the works

Done. Now, tally your score…
For every A = 2 pts
For every B = 1.5 pts
For every C = 1 pt
For every D =  0.5 pt

Add your points and see which celebrity marriage is your ideal relationship?

If you scored: 10.5 to 12 points
Barack + Michelle Obama: Natural Born Leaders
You and your man are born leaders. You set an example for your friends that are in relationships and that are single and always have the future in mind.

 If you scored: 7.5 to 10
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith: Art Smart
You and your dude are all about expanding your and your family’s horizons. You want to experience the different cultural offerings of the world.

If you scored: 5 to 7
Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou: Full House
You and your guy are very hard working, but having a good time together and with the family is top priority. Nothing’s better to you than the sound of children laughing and having fun.

If you scored: 3 to 4
Beyonce and Jay Z–Power Couple
Both you have and your sweetheart have busy schedules. While you spend as much time as possible with each other, you’re busy achieving world domination within in your prospective realms.

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