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Inside most brides is a little thing I like to call The Princess Bride Complex. It’s the idea that a bride believes that her wedding day is only her day and that everyone around her is to be at her beck and call. Even if that will be true for you on your wedding day chances are it won’t be the case for all the days leading up to your wedding. Many a reasonable woman has been seduced by the ideologies of her Princess Bride alter ego and as a result has lost not only friends but sometimes even the men they love. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be a princess for a day, here are my top four tips to help brides keep both glass slippers on the ground. 1. Don’t confuse working on your wedding with working on your relationship. It is easy to get inundated with the details of your wedding and neglect to talk with your husband-to-be about everything but your love for each other. Beautiful weddings don’t necessarily mean beautiful marriages, both of which take tremendous teamwork and communication. 2. It’s not really all about you. If you’re going to be a princess, be a gracious princess. Don’t make your bridesmaids wear ugly dresses or ignore your groom‘s few requests. When it’s all said and done the guests have come to see both you and your groom, so allow him to add some personal touches. 3. Pick specific days to focus on the wedding. Pick a couple of days a week that you will set aside to plan for your wedding. On those days you can meet with vendors or talk with your wedding planner. On your off days, do what you did BEFORE you got engaged, talk about the things that don’t always circle around to your wedding. You have a life, so live it. 4. Attend premarital counseling. This might sound scary but it is very helpful to meet several times with a licensed counselor or a minister who can give you advice and make sure you are preparing for your marriage and not just your wedding. If you’re lucky you’ll be a bride for a day, but if you’re really lucky you’ll find a man that treats you like a queen everyday (or at least once a week). Read More:

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