Forget being from different cultures or having different values, sometimes it can feel like our guys are from a different universe. Whether he’s from the other side of the world or down the block, you and your guy are bound to disagree on how you spend money, what you do on your free time, and whether you do the dishes first thing in the morning or right before bed time. So, you’ve got to be able to handle your differences. Take this fun quiz to see if you need to work on your compromising skills before heading down the aisle. 1. Your man shows up to a dinner date in an outfit that you hate. You don’t know where he got his sense of style from and you… a. Tease him about his fashion choices for a second then let it go and have a great dinner b. Hurry up to finish your dinner date, embarrassed to be seen with him in his atrocious getup 2. Your guy is a neat freak and you can mess up a room in 30 seconds and haven’t done the dishes in three days. He approaches you about being cleaner and you… a. Get offended that he feels the need to talk to you. He knew you were messy when he met you so he needs to deal with it b. Offer to try harder to tidy up 3. He invites all of his boys over for the game on Sunday night, but you were planning on watching the “Project Runway” marathon on the big screen TV. You… a. Get angry and catch a fit in front of his friends b. Agree to watch your TV show in the bedroom so the guys can watch the game on the big screen and check your calendar to see when football season is over 4. He comes from a wealthy family. You grew up in a working-class home. When he invites you to party at his parents’ country club for the first time, you… a. Fret that you don’t have anything to wear and won’t fit in with his family and friends b. Jump at the chance to see how things are done in his world 5. Your friends call you a penny pincher because you save money to a fault and would rather wait for a sale than ever pay full price. Your fiance is a little more relaxed with how he spends his income. You find out he pays mega bucks for his kicks and you… a. Have second thoughts about whether this marriage is going to work. Maybe you consider a pre-nuptial agreement that includes a clause about shoe shopping, b. Consider how you can help him budget for his fancy footwear without having it impact your future joint finances 6. Your fiance spends every Saturday afternoon with family. You prefer to catch up on your important errands, get your beauty routine in and get a grip on the week to come during the weekends. He says when you get married he’s going to expect you to come with him to his parents house every Saturday. You… a. Get upset that he expects you to do anything. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean he can tell you what to do b. Explain to him that you need your Saturdays for personal reasons, but agree to go with him for a few hours or every other weekend 7. Your idea of a Caribbean vacation is basking in the sun on a beach only moving to bring the strawberry daiquiri closer to your lips. Your guy’s idea of a Caribbean vacation is a little more active. He wants to go windsurfing, wake boarding and hiking. You go on a trip to Jamaica and… a. You Let him do his thing while you do yours. You’ll meet up with him in the evening. b. You ask him to spend a day relaxing on the beach with you in exchange for taking a waterskiing lesson with him the next day. Check your answers and add up how many As you circled and how many Bs you circled. You circled Mostly As Sometimes it’s a little hard for you to comprise. Doing it your way for as long as you’ve been an adult has worked for you so and you’d rather work to get your guy to understand how you do things. Advice: Loosen up a little bit. When you and your guy but-heads on an issue. Try to stay quiet and listen to his point of view before imparting yours. You circled Mostly Bs Compromise is your friend. You have no problem seeing it your guys way and understand that everything can’t be how you want it all the time. Advice: It’s one thing to compromise and another to give in to everything he wants. Make sure you’re standing up for yourself when it’s necessary. See how these couples plan to settle their differences Take our quiz find out how important sex is in your relationship Take this quiz to find out which celebrity couple is most like you and your guy