Bride: Natalie Driver Groom: Antwoine Womack Occupations: Natalie — Attorney; Antwoine — Real Estate Entrepreneur Wedding Location: The Founders Inn & Spa Wedding Date: May 15, 2010 A Different World Natalie Driver grew up in a sheltered environment with two parents that adored her. Private-schooled all her life, she was shy and a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl. In contrast, Antwoine Womack was the star football player from the other side of the tracks. When the two met at the University of Virginia no one thought they would be together. “We were so opposite that we automatically were attracted to each other,” Antwoine says. But Natalie wasn’t automatically sold on Antwoine. “I knew he was a football player and I didn’t want to date an athlete. I tried to just be friends, but Antwoine was not trying to be friends,” she remembers. “It really wasn’t an option,” Antwoine chimes in. “When I want something bad enough, I’m going to get it. I just approached her and I was persistent.” Ultimately their differences proved to create “a happy medium” in their relationship, Natalie says. “He taught me to be a little more tough and to relax and enjoy life instead of being high strung. That’s when I really started enjoying him, college and a lot of people in my life.” I felt uncomfortable sharing my emotions,” Antwoine says. “Natalie has broken that down.” Through the Wire Natalie and Antwoine stuck together through long-distances, the NFL draft, football injuries, law school, bar exams, you name it. “It’s been a lot of thick and it’s been a lot of thin,” Antwoine says. “We just love each other enough to make it work. We support each other in our careers. She was all for me doing what I needed to do and I was all for her doing what she needed to do. I don’t see any other woman out there that can compare to her.” “Everything we went through, we went through together,” Natalie adds. “I can’t imagine my life without him because he’s opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. I’m a better person because of him.” Forever Young Antwoine and Natalie’s bond grew stronger due to their mutual love of children. With 11 younger cousins together, these two are most comfortable sitting at the kids table. “We throw ourselves into their lives,” Natalie gushes. “We’d rather be hanging out with them than hanging out with adults. If something significant happens in their lives, if they need something, we’re going to be there.” Stork Visit Natalie and Antwoine recently got the good news that they are expecting a little one of their own. Antwoine says Natalie is “ride or die for kids,” and he can’t imagine having a child with anyone else. “He caled me the other day and said, ‘sometimes when I’m at work, I think of the baby and then I smile because the woman that I’m in love with is having my baby,” Natalie giggles. When Natalie and Antwoine got married, they made sure to include all of the kids in their classic, manor-style wedding. Share their love.