Bride: Kemi Abaranijo

Groom: Grant Moody

Occupations: Kemi — Associate Director of Admissions for Kaplan University; Grant — Dr. Pepper and 7-Up Sales Director

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Wedding Location: Ceremony — Community Covenant Church, Chicago; Reception — Chateau Bu-Sche, Alsip, Illinois

Wedding Date: October 16, 2010

Love is Blind
When Kemi tagged along on her best friend’s blind date, she had no idea she would meet her future husband. At 23 she was preparing to leave her parents’ nest and spread her wings, but she wasn’t looking for love. When she met Grant, she thought he was cute and funny, but there was no sign of romance.

It wasn’t until the group met up a week later for a barbeque at Grant’s house that Kemi started feeling chemistry. Grant kept Kemi laughing and by the end of the night they had exchanged phone numbers.

Love is Kind
Grant took Kemi to the movies for their first date. “We’re both movie buffs,” Kemi tells us, “so our movie date was perfect for us.”

While sKemi can’t remember what film they saw that night, she does remember realizing that Grant was  a true gentleman.

“He was just so nice and sweet,” she says. “It was refreshing to date a really nice guy. He was a real gentleman. He opened the door for me and he’s still opens the door for me now. He always makes sure that I’m okay. He’s always concerned with how I’m feeling. He randomly buys me flowers. He’s just a genuine nice guy.”

Love Takes Time
Kemi and Grant dated for six years before getting engaged. With a relationship that spanned from their early twenties into their early thirties, they have watched each other grow into their own and have created a solid foundation for their future as husband and wife.

“We went from living at our parents’ houses to moving out and being on our own to getting engaged and now living in our own house together,” Kemi points out.

Love is Sweet
November 22, 2009 started out as a typical Sunday for Kemi and Grant. They lounged at home together, ran some errands and stopped by Kemi’s dad’s house to spend time with the family. Then Grant suggested that they grab a bite to eat — nothing fancy, just a nice dinner with his sweetheart.

Over their entrees, Grant began to reminisce with Kemi about their six years together. Kemi ordered doughnut holes with a caramel dipping sauce for dessert. Just then, Grant excused himself from the table. When he returned, he was followed by their waiter.

“I saw our waiter coming and he had a plate and it had a little red square on it. I thought it was Jell-O and I was thinking to myself, ‘I didn’t order Jell-O. Why are they bringing Jell-O?’ I really wanted my doughnut holes and I was wondering where they were.”

When she looked over at Grant, he was standing. She looked down at the plate again and realized that the little red square was a ring box. Grant got down on one knee.

“I’ve loved you for a long time now,” he began. “I’ve wanted to propose for over a year now, but I wanted to get you the right ring and make it right.”

That’s the last thing Kemi remembers her beau saying before he popped the question.

“I’m not a very emotional person,” Kemi says, “but I was very emotional. I was crying and I said yes.”

Grant had another surprise for Kemi before they could revel in their big news. Kemi’s mother had been watching from a secret location in the restaurant as Grant proposed to her daughter. She popped out once Kemi had her ring on.

“She was so excited. We all sat down together and we were just crying and laughing. It was a great night.”

View Kemi and Grant’s touching wedding trailer, courtesy of Loudbyte Cinematography

Seven years after he first held a chair out for her, Grant took Kemi’s hand in marriage in a joyous celebration with family and friends. Share their love…