Just Beautiful! Groom Is Overcome With Emotion While Exchanging Vows With His Bride At The Altar

There’s something beautiful about the moment a bride takes her groom’s breath away at the altar, especially when he’s overcome with emotion and joy.

One recent wedding moment in particular is dominating our Instagram feeds.

Proud groom Chuck Caughmanjust couldn’t keep his compusure as he began to pledge his life to his new wife, Teri Michelle Caughman, and exchange vows. Chuck began to give his personal vows but got choked up as he shared how much his bride meant to him. The must-see moment was captured by Chip Dizard Weddings and had the Internet all in their feelings.

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“For me, many things changes, but for the better and it was all because of you. You opened my eyes…,” Chuck shared before the tears came. He crouched over his knees to collect himself as tears began to flow.  Teri lovingly rubbed his head during the moment that gave him the comfort he needed to stand back up and continue on with his heartfelt vow to his wife. We can’t get enough of this  

#BlackLove moment.

Congratulations to the Caughmans!