What scent would you choose for a candle? a) Sea Breeze b) Sage and Lavender c) Sandalwood d) Citrus and Ginger What would you rather do on a date with your boyfriend? a) Feel the heat from the Florida sun and a tug on your line, on a fishing trip in Key West b) Savor a delicious five-course meal as you stare out at Chicago’s skyline c) Feel the wind in your hair, driving through Northern California’s ever-changing landscape d) Get turned on as you walk the halls of New York’s Sex Museum A good meal for you is… a) I’ll take fresh seafood any day b) I like modern, adventurous cuisine c) I love a savory, hearty stew d) Anything Asian–I love eastern spices What’s your bedside manner? a) I like straight sweet sex, none of that extra stuff b) I’m a sucker for whipped cream and chocolate c) I like to play rough–let’s toss each other around d) I’m into the bondage thing–I keep hand cuffs on hand at all times Done? Time to find your score… For every a=1 For every b-2 For every c=3 For every d=4 Add your points to find your honeymoon fantasy. You scored 4 to 7: Tropic Thunder You chose to spend your honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos Islands because every travel guide you read told you it never rains there. Walking hand in hand down a lonely beach front, the midday sun beating down on your backs is becoming bordering unbearable. You wade through the water to give your feet some relief from the burning sand. Just as you’re about to suggest an early cocktail and some shade at a nearby restaurant , the sky bursts open and large drops of rain rush down onto your skin. You look at your husband, he begins to laugh. You love that he’s not worried about a little rain. You pull him to you and kiss him. His mouth tastes even better now that he’s vowed that it’s all for you and only you. As people pack up their belongings and get out of the rain, you realize the beach is completely deserted. You lay a towel down close to the water and pull your man down to you. Making love on the beach, you feel the waves splash against your feet as you and your beloved crash into each other. You scored 8 to 10: Ravenous You decided to honeymoon in the capital of contemporary world cuisine–Barcelona. After a dinner filled with satisfying afrodisiacs–artichoke and oysters for appetizers, a Mediterranean seafood stew for main course and a chocolate-hazelnut dessert. Walking through the old city streets back to your hotel, your husband grabs your hand and pulls you into a narrow alley. “Someone will see us,” you giggle. He pays no attention, pushing your back against the stone cold building. You’re not sure what’s gotten into you. Maybe your recent pledge to this man has made you more adventurous. You slide your tight fitting, body-conscious dress up above your hips and rush to pull down the lacy underwear your sister bought you specifically for a moment like this. Before you know it, your legs are wrapped around his and you’re pulling him closer and closer to you. You both hold your breath invigorated by the possibility of being noticed. You scored 11 to 13: Frisky Felines Back from a long game ride through South Africa’s North End, you’re so exhilarated by the large animals and the vast plains that your skin is tingling. Sweet smelling incense sends swirls of light smoke through your luxury safari tent–complete with silk robes and lounge chairs (this is not your average camping trip). Inspired by the large cats on your drive, you pounce on your new husband like a leopard hunting her prey. He flips you over, pins you to the bed and covers your with tender bites from the nape of your neck to the curve of your bosom. He moves lower and proceeds to devour you like a hungry lion. You roar in ecstasy. You scored 14 to 16: All Tied Up Bangkok is a bustling combination of sights and sounds unfamiliar to you and your new husband. As you walk through the infamous Patpong neighborhood, sales people shove DVD’s of risque videos in your face while your husband tries to dodge the man pulling on his arm trying to convince him to slip into one of the many strip clubs that line Bangkok’s red light district. The sun’s about to set and you two hop onto the Skytrain and head back to your hotel to have drinks near the Chao Phrya River. Sipping on your second Singapore sling you glance over at your husband and think, “have I got a red light special for him.” Before he knows it, his arms and ankles are tied to the four posts of your hotel room bed, you’re exiting the bathroom in a sexy red and black garterbelt attached to skin-toned thigh highs and your sexiest pair of pumps. You climb on top of him and rub your curves against his. Panting, he wiggles his arms, wanting to be freed so that he can touch you, but you refuse to let him go. Realizing that you have all the control, you take turns teasing and pleasing him until you’re tired of doing all the work. You untie him and he paws at you. You make love until the sky turns from blue-black to bright fiery orange. Read More