On a wall in their living room, Christin Mullen and Christina Coleman have created a snapshot of their partnership out of dozens of framed photos—Chris and his line brothers at an Alpha Phi Alpha event in one; Christina with her siblings during a trip to Jamaica in another; photos of the two hugging after running the Brooklyn Half Marathon and another (their first family photo with puppy Huey) on the steps of the rust-colored Bed-Stuy brownstone where they live.

It’s a mosaic, really, one constructed from Chris and Christina’s individual memories and moments from their life together.

The two HBCU graduates (their household is one of many loving but intense Hampton and Howard battles) became Mr. and Mrs. Mullen this fall in a wedding that, even more than the mosaic in their apartment, represents the shared life they have forged. The reception featured a nod to old Brooklyn speakeasy whiskey bars at Chris’ request and classic African American literature in the ceremony—a distinctly “Christina” idea.


They agreed easily on Brooklyn as the location for their wedding. It is, after all, the place where the unlikely pair became a perfect match, where they’ve built their lives and where Chris proposed (at the MoCADA Museum). But it is their differences that make this couple special — far beyond their HU discussions, Christina’s spirit of spontaneity balances Chris’ analytical thinking — and a commitment to choosing each other, every day.

“He keeps me tethered to this world when I feel like its spiraling,” Christina said. “He’s my best thing.”

– Donovan X. Ramsey