Bride: Kenetria Harris Groom: Chris Harris Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Wedding Location: Hyatt Regency Resort in Aruba Wedding Date: June 27, 2010 Friend Request  Back in Little Rock, Arkansas, Kenetria and Chris knew each other, kind of. They went to local high schools and would say, “What’s up?” to each other at social events. Years later, Kenetria received a message on Facebook from her former schoolmate-turned-NFL player. The two started chatting frequently and pretty soon they were more than just Facebook friends. “We were the best of friends and he would tell me any and everything that I wanted to know,” Kenetria says of getting to know Chris. Right Under Your Nose Kenetria was working as a stock broker in Nashville and Chris was playing for the Carolina Panthers. Kenetria would travel down to Charlotte to hang out with Chris as a good friend. Chris had ended a long-term relationship with the mother of his daughter and wasn’t looking for a relationship. Kenetria kept trying to set-up Chris with women she thought would be right for him. But he started to see that only one woman would do. He asked her to be his lady in May 2009 and somehow he knew this one was a keeper. “We started dating on May 6 and by May 12 he said, ‘You’re going to be my wife one day,'” Kenetria remembers. “She was unlike any other woman I’ve ever dated,” Chris said of why he wanted to marry Kenetria. The Love Boat Back in Little Rock for Labor Day weekend, Chris invited Kenetria, along with her mother and her sister, on a jazz cruise on the Arkansas Queen. Chris contacted the performer, Rodney Block, before the cruise and asked him to play “The Point of It All” by Anthony Hamilton. As the boat docked, Block struck up the tune and Chris got down on bended knee. “I had this feeling that he was going to propose that weekend because he was acting really, really weird,” Kenetria says. “I was completely floored. I cried a lot. I don’t even consider it crying; I think I wept. I was filled with so much emotion and so much joy.” Chris and Kenetria tied the knot in a beautiful beachfront wedding in Aruba. Share their love.