Not every bride leaves her wedding grinning from ear-to-ear. For many, what they imagine will be “the moment they’ve always dreamed of”, suddenly becomes a total disaster. Louisiana based wife and mom Patrice Johnson would know. She woke up the morning of her wedding with a debilitating migraine and wound up so ill that she barely made it through her vows and slept in her car during most of the reception. It was heartbreaking, she tells us, but not an uncommon disappointment in her life. Johnson has suffered from Chronic Migraine for over a decade.

Those who suffer from the illness experience 15 or more days of headaches a month. In honor of their struggle, the National Headache Foundation and HealthyWomen recently teamed up to create the Rewrite Your Day awareness campaign which will offer a total of 15 Chronic Migraine patients a chance to redo a special event in their lives that was once lost due to their condition. Celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss has even signed on to help make each event one to remember.

In December, Weiss sat down with Johnson to find out what her dream wedding should have been like, then wowed the Johnson family with a beautiful and intimate wedding redo ceremony and reception. Take a look at their romantic second wedding now, and find out how Weiss made Patrice and her husband Stanley’s dream come alive.

Photos: Julie Pease, Be Still Photography

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