Cassie and Alex Fine knew they would become husband and wife from the day they met. So while their recent wedding in Malibu, California caught us all by surprise, it was actually always part of the plan.

During an interview with Vogue, Cassie reveals that she and Fine had been talking about getting married since they started dating late last year. After discovering they were expecting a baby girl earlier this year, the couple went back and forth about whether to get married before or after the baby’s arrival. Wedding planning was already in the works when Alex Fine pulled out all the stops for his grand proposal at the Compton Cowboys ranch. She wasn’t expecting a romantic proposal but remembers feeling like the world had stopped.

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“I looked up and saw our initials tied up above, then Alex came around on his horse. When he got down on one knee, everything just stopped. I felt like I lost my sense of hearing; I just saw his mouth moving, and he said ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you,’” Cassie recalls. Later that night, Alex took Cassie for dinner and a bonfire on the beach with two of their friends. “I will never forget how special Alex made me feel that night,” she says.

The singer and her new husband recently shared photos from their sweet ceremony. Only 14 close family and friends attended this intimate backyard wedding overlooking the California hills. With Cassie being seven months pregnant, she decided to hand recruit some professionals that ultimately helped plan her big day, including wedding planner Melissa Andre. “We wanted a simple venue with a beautiful view that felt warm and romantic,” Cassie says. “We wanted the aesthetic to reflect how comfortable and content we feel with each other.”

The visuals from the Fine’s wedding day is enough to bring a tear to your eyes. The footage documents the entire ceremony from start to finish, including each of them getting ready with their squad. The love vibes are on 100!

Take a scroll through the gallery to see Cassie and Alex’s “finest” wedding photos.

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