Bride: Adora Michelle Andy, 31, Press Secretary to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Groom: William Nathaniel Jenkins, III, 30, White House Liaison at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Married On: May 12, 2012

Wedding Location: Riven Rock Ranch, Comfort, TX

Wedding Style: Rustic Romance

Yes We Can
President Obama’s 2008 campaign tour will be remembered for many things: It brought millions of Americans together to support one cause and spread inspiration and hope to the masses. For campaign workers like Adora and Nathan, it will always represent that magical time in their lives when they came face to face with their soulmate — and their future looked mighty bright.

It was the summer before the election in Tampa, Florida, and Obama staffers were working feverishly to change history. Adora, the region’s press secretary, and Nathan, the regional political director, wound up participating in the same ice-breaker exercise. They were each asked to name their favorite movie, and when Adora’s turn came and she calmly blurted out, “The Godfather!” Nathan was immediately intrigued. From that moment on, he just couldn’t get her off his mind. Unfortunately, Adora hadn’t a clue, because whenever the team hung out after work, he played it cool and barely even spoke to her. “I was just beginning to think I had offended him or something when he asked me out,” says Adora. She knows now that Nathan was just afraid he’d reveal he had a crush if he sat down and talked to her.

Beach Bliss
Three years later, Nathan and Adora were still very much in love and going strong when she decided to escape to the Dominican Republic with a few of her closest girlfriends. On the last night of their trip, the ladies were having a cozy dinner on a lovely cabana on the beach when a trio of Dominican musicians came over to serenade them. “All of a sudden, Nathan walked in with a dozen red roses and three white roses — one for each of my girlfriends,” says Adora. “He looked so handsome! He got down on one knee, but I don’t even remember what he said to me because I was so surprised and I excited and I just kept crying.” The icing on the cake: A few days before, Nathan had taken a one-day trip to her hometown of San Antonio to ask her parents for permission in person. (What a keeper!) This past spring, they were married in Texas in a lovely spring ceremony before their loved ones and friends. Share their love!

Photos: True Photography