Bride: Yanique Peta-Gaye Thompson, 32, Business Manager

Groom: Samuel Terrell Bell, 31, Real Estate Property Manager

Married On: July 28, 2012

Wedding Location: Casa Kimball, Dominican Republic

Wedding Style: Tropical Elegance

An Office Crush
Back in 2001, co-workers Yanique and Samuel met on the job. At the time, they were both spoken for, so they formed a casual friendship bond. Each day they came to work and confided in each other, as friends often do, sharing tales of their many relationship ups and downs. They hung out occasionally and relied on one another when they could. This went on for years until the day magic happened. Yanique and Samuel, who were both single, suddenly became aware of what they’d been missing out on all along – each other’s love. It was then that after five years of friendship they decided to take their relationship to new heights. Undeterred by thoughts of what dating might do to their friendship, they took a chance at true love, and it was the best decision they ever made.

Share the Love
When Yanique started planning a big 30th birthday celebration in Atlantic City for Samuel, she knew she wanted it to be a memorable evening for him. Little did she know, he had even bigger plans in store for her. The night of the party, Yanique gathered thirty of Samuel’s closest friends for an elegant dinner party at popular restaurant Buddakan. She noticed he was acting very strange throughout the night, but assumed he was just overwhelmed by all of the fun. When dessert time rolled around, Yanique was the last guest to be served a piece of cake. When she looked down, she saw an engagement ring sitting on it. “It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen,” she says. “I started crying, and I think he was still nervous because he took the ring from my plate and slipped it on my finger. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.” To this day, that memory makes Yanique feel blessed to have Samuel in her life. This summer they were married in a romantic oceanfront ceremony in the Dominican Republic. Share their love!

Photos: Gina Esposito

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