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Bridal Bliss: When Sparks Fly

Abu spotted Dedrina in his cousin’s profile picture and pushed for an introduction. He lived in Nigeria and had never been to the U.S., but they fell in love over the phone. When they finally met in person, it was clear they were meant to be.

Bride: Dedrina Lynn Goffney, 25, Student

Groom: Abu Musa Sule, 36, Business Owner

Married On: June 28, 2013

Wedding Style: Traditional Elegance

Wedding Location: The Bell Tower on 34th Street, Houston, TX

As Fate Would Have It
Dedrina’s co-worker Asabe was the clever cupid responsible for introducing her to her new husband Abu. Here’s the story: Abu and Asabe are cousins, and even though he lived in Nigeria at the time, he constantly messaged back and forth with Asabe via Blackberry messenger. Asabe’s profile image was a photograph of her and Dedrina together. Abu was intrigued each time he saw Dedrina’s face pop up on his screen. He asked his cousin to introduce them, and she did. “When she first told me he’d seen my picture and wanted to get to know me, I said ‘no way’ because I wasn’t looking to date or get to know anyone,” Dedrina admits. That all changed fast. Abu and Dedrina fell in love over the phone, and two months later she was planning a trip to Nigeria with Asabe to met Abu in person. “After our initial face-to-face greeting in Nigeria we became inseparable and I traveled to Nigeria every two or three months to see him,” she recalls. Just like that, Dedrina had fallen head over heels for a man who once seemed liked a total stranger on the other side of the world. She wasn’t worried. She knew it was all part of God’s plan.

A Once In a Lifetime Proposal
For the 2011 Christmas holiday Dedrina and Abu traveled to Dubai to celebrate together. He had an amazing proposal planned for the love of his life, but she didn’t suspect a thing. This wasn’t their first time exploring new countries together and they’d just traveled to Dubai two months prior. On New Year’s Eve morning, Abu woke up early, got dressed and kissed Dedrina on the forehead. He left for awhile and she was very suspicious about where he might have been all morning, but when he returned she asked no questions. She was waiting for him to explain his disappearance. That night they went to the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) to watch the fireworks and it was right there that Abu proposed to Dedrina while on bended knee. “I was in so much shock I started walking backwards in disbelief and embarrassment because I had given him attitude earlier about leaving the hotel without me,” she admits. But when she answered “yes” to his surprise proposal, all was well in their world. Aww! See their Texas wedding style and share their love.

Photos: Still-Media Photography