Bride: Wanda Wautese Ward, 29, Special Education Teacher

Groom: Douglas Anthony Hudson, Jr., 27, Investment Banker

The Big Day: June 14, 2014

Wedding Location: King Edward Hotel, Jackson MS

Wedding Theme: The Great Gatsby

Facebook Friends
Who says a love connection can’t begin on Facebook? Wanda and Doug found each other on the popular social media site, even though they each tell a completely different story when it comes to who sent whom a friend request first. Let’s just say they started talking online and that’s when things got interesting. Wanda says Douglas was the cool, well-dressed guy around town who asked her to help him find a girlfriend who “looked just like her.” She wasn’t too impressed with his approach, but fate made sure that Wanda would soon see another side of Doug. One evening she was too sick to attend a friend’s party, and when Douglas heard about it, he asked her roommate if he could come upstairs and say hello. When he came into her room, she was sick in bed and Douglas asked for her permission to give her a hug. When he did, he noticed she was burning up. Now the hug was a sweet gesture of friendship, but it’s what Doug did next that truly got Wanda’s attention. “He asked if he could pray for me,” Wanda recalls. “Right there in my bedroom in front of our friends, Dougie got down on his knees, held my hands and asked for a healing from God. From that day on, he has had my heart!”  

Dinner With a Twist
Because Doug knew that Wanda loved playing the detective, when he was ready to propose he decided to stop leaving her hints. On April 15, 2013, their five-year anniversary, he gave her flowers and the card that came with them had the number “145” on it. Wanda quickly figured our that 145 days from that date would be September 7th and that he had to have big plans coming soon for her. When the date arrived and he told her to get a manicure and pedicure before their big dinner plans, she was convinced it was the night she’d been waiting her whole life for. And guess what? She was right. After their romantic dinner for two, the waiter brought out two covered dessert plates. One said “Marry Me?” and the other plate held her princess cut diamond engagement ring. Wanda just kept laughing and covering her face. She couldn’t believe that the magical moment had finally arrived and she was as blissful as she’d hoped to be. Of course, she said “yes!” See their Great Gatsby themed wedding day and share their love!

Photos: Carlyn Photography