Bride: Victoria Rowell, 50

Groom: Radcliffe Bailey, 40

Occupations: Rowell, actress, child advocate and author; Bailey, visual artist

Homebase: Los Angeles and Atlanta respectively

Wedding Date: June 27, 2009

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Wedding Location: Dublin Community Church; Dublin, New Hampshire

The Hookup: Unbeknownst to Victoria and future hubby, Radcliffe Bailey, her dear friend LaTanya Richardson Jackson, wife of Samuel L. Jackson, played matchmaker two years ago. During one visit to Atlanta’s High Museum during promotion for her New York Times best-seller, “The Women Who Raised Me” (Harper), Jackson casually introduced the two and made sure they sat next to one another. “LaTanya told me, ‘I’m going to introduce you to your husband.’ I simply said okay, but he caught my eye before I knew who he was. He waited to get me to sign a copy of my book and I was very impressed. When it was time to take a photo I slipped off my shoes because I didn’t want to be taller than my man,” Rowell says with a laugh.

Global Courting: Two days after taking a crash course in getting to know one another, Rowell had to jet-set to India, Germany and the Caribbean to continue her book tour and invited Bailey to accompany her. “As a woman I know what to ask for. If you don’t open your mouth you won’t get fed. I simply said, “I’m a nomadic person, it’s in my DNA, would you like to go for the ride?” Bailey’s reply? “I got a plane ticket and met her at her next stop.” Rowell says they enjoyed the unglamorous business of schlepping cartons of books around and getting better acquainted and notes “It was not stressful, but synergistic because it was our rhythm as artists.”

Something in Common: Despite a ten-year age difference, Bailey says age ain’t nothing but a number. “I’ve always been an older soul; most of my good friends are 70-something,” admits Bailey. “I don’t look at age, but I understand experiences and me and Vicki’s spirits are even in age. I never knew what a soulmate was until I met Vicki.” A lot of their love connection also has to do with their their treasure-hunting desires. “Radcliffe and I get to celebrate our passion for history together and I love that!”

Nontraditional Proposal: As the two traveled through India, they talked about marrying and happened upon a store and found a beautiful men’s ring with an imperfect diamond. “We’re both adults and are by no means traditional,” says Rowell with a laugh. “So we sort of just made up our minds that we’d be together.” Both Rowell and Bailey have been married before and have children from previous relationships.

Bridal Budget Bite: Rowell advises future brides to use their networks when wedding planning. “You’d be surprised how many friends might offer to gift you with something that might be the very thing you might need for your wedding.” Also, follow Rowell’s lead and let your personality shine through for untradional nuptials and have more money in the bank. By not being confined to a “perfect” diamond ring, their union started off with their signature stamp while saving the couple some cash as well.