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Bridal Bliss: Thank God For You

After ending a rocky, dead-end relationship, Sheree prayed to God to send her the right man and the blessing of love. Shortly afterwards Duriel introduced himself over Facebook after spotting her on a friend’s page. They were instant soul mates. Share their love!

Bride: Sheree M. Edwards, 35, Attorney

Groom: Duriel Q. Garner, 32, Health Care Executive

Married On: September 21, 2013

Wedding Location: Detroit, Michigan

Wedding Style: Vintage-Inspired Elegance

Dear God, Are You Listening?
After Sheree called it quits with a guy she’d been dating for almost five years, who waited until they turned 30 to show his true colors, she knew it was time to ask God for something (or someone) new. She was a young attorney with a successful career, great friends and a fun social life, but she just didn’t feel complete. “I was absolutely miserable in my personal life,” she recalls. “That breakup left me to question a lot of things about myself and whether I had the bandwidth to try love again. I’m quite a spiritual person, so I decided to write a letter to God in my journal.” That letter became an 11-page prayer. She asked that He prepare her to receive the blessings of love, faithfulness, honesty and integrity that she deserved and that the man He sent possess the characteristics of one who was ready to embark upon a new life with her.

Prayers Answered
God was listening. Just a few weeks later, a stranger named Duriel reached out to her on Facebook. He’d spotted her picture on a mutual friend’s page and he couldn’t get her off of his mind. “Little did I know, Duriel was on the other end of that prayer,” says Sheree. “After failing to make a connection with other women that he had encountered, he had made a similar request of God.” As fate would have it, Duriel was raised in the same small town in Alabama where Sheree’s dad’s entire family was from and a place where she had often visited as a child. His grandmother knew her great-grandfather and even baby-sat some of her extended relatives. All their stars were lining up.

Beautiful Beginnings
They continued to chat over Facebook for days before finally exchanging phone numbers. Even though they lived in the same city, they wanted to take their time getting to know each other. “We talked on the phone daily for another three months before we actually met each other in person,” she admits. “Duriel was a perfect gentleman when we met. We started to see each other quite frequently after that.” And, you know how the rest of the story goes.

Vegas Baby!
When Sheree found out she had to take an extended business trip to Las Vegas she urged her loving boyfriend Duriel to tag along. She didn’t know it then, but she had just given him the perfect opportunity to propose to her using the engagement ring that he’d secretly hidden in her place two months earlier. On the last day of their trip, Duriel popped the question in their lavish hotel suite after they’d spent a magical day together sipping cocktails by the pool, sharing a romantic meal and strolling along the strip. “Are you serious?” she happily asked. “I have never been more sure or serious about anything in my life,” he said as he placed the ring on her finger. Sheree let the happy tears fall down her cheeks. “I was over the moon,” she shares. See the couple Great Gatsby-inspired Michigan wedding style and share their love!

Photos: JLB Wedding Photography