Bride: Terri Harris, 43, Corporate Account Manager

Groom: Pete Rivera, 37, Senior Program Manager

Married On: April 26, 2014

Wedding Location: St. Lucia

Wedding Style: Tropical Elegance

A Friendly Favor
If a friend insists that they know the perfect man for you, you may want to listen up. A mutual friend of Pete and Terri’s had a hunch that they’d be good together and began to hint about a possible introduction. Although Terri and Pete met casually once or twice before, a formal introduction was definitely long overdue. Their friend made it happen as promised, and before either of them knew what was happening, their love story was born. Long and romantic phone conversations led to a first date on December 2, 2011 and climaxed with a romantic proposal and even dreamier wedding day.

Mad Crazy Love
It was a summer Friday in Charlotte, North Carolina and Pete and Terri got up and had breakfast together like they always do. Pete asked his ladylove to take a morning stroll with him through their neighborhood just as they’d done so many mornings before. They wound up in a nearby park and Terri took a seat on Pete’s lap as they talked. Pete then thanked Terri for being in his life and for always being there for him. Terri felt it was the perfect opportunity to ask her man just how deeply committed he truly was to her. Playfully, she said, “Are you madly in love with me?” Pete replied with a resounding “yes.” She smiled and replied, “Good!” Terri turned her back to finish doing her morning exercise routine. She looked over to find Pete on bended knee with a ring box in his hand. “Will you marry me?” he asked. (And, we bet you can guess her response!) Terri’s hands trembled with joy as they walked back home together hand-in-hand and she stared at the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen.

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Photos: Designs By JK Photography

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