Bride: Tania Spencer, 37, Labor Relations Specialist

Groom: Kenwin Pierre, 40, Contractor/Designer

Married On: April 21, 2012

Wedding Location: Brooklyn, NY

Wedding Style: “Great Gatsby Meets Brooklyn Brownstone”

Love In Paradise
Flash back to Columbus Day weekend 2006 in Miami. Both Tania and Ken were individually in town for the West Indian Carnival with nothing but good times on their agendas. They had traveled to Miami for the fun but found true love when they arrived. It all happened in an instant. As Tania and her friends tried to hail a cab in front of their hotel, Ken and his friends were walking by and noticed the flags loosely tucked in their pockets. The guys asked the ladies if they wanted to share a cab. They obliged, and that’s when the magic happened. “Ken and I immediately hit it off,” says Tania. “We were basically inseparable the rest of the trip. After a few days of hanging out together I just couldn’t resist his wit, sense of humor, intelligence, and most of all, that Brooklyn swagger.” The icing on the cake? While falling in love in paradise, Tania and Ken discovered they worked just three blocks away from each other back home in New York City.

This Is It
Tania and Ken knew in an instant that the love they’d found in each other was the real deal, so they wasted no time focusing on their family. “Ken and I were a couple since day one,” says Tania. “Ken was always very honest and crystal clear about his feelings for me from the beginning. And, since the feelings were mutual, it was very easy for us to dive into the relationship. There were no guessing games.” A little over a year after they fell in love, Tania gave birth to their daughter Kamilah and they bought a Brooklyn Brownstone. A few months later, Tania found out she was pregnant with their son, Kaleb. They talked about planning their wedding but between renovating their new home and getting used to parenthood, they found it tough to find the time for anything else. “We talked about going to city hall,” says Tania. “But, I just couldn’t get over the idea of having my dream brownstone wedding.”

Special Delivery
Since marriage was always part of the discussion between Tania and Ken, he wasn’t totally devastated the day she intercepted the UPS guy and discovered he’d purchased her engagement ring. When Ken tried to snatch it away, she knew exactly what he was hiding. Finding it impossible to wait until the big proposal, Tania finally convinced Ken to let her see the ring. “I was obsessed with how perfect it was,” she says. “Later on that week he proposed over dinner.” Share their love!

Photos: Sobitart Photography