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Bridal Bliss: Tamika and Maurice’s Brooklyn Wedding

Tamika and Maurice attended the same high school but lost touch after graduation. Fifteen years later a mutual friend played cupid. “Had anyone told us all those years ago that we would be married with children, we’d probably laugh in their face or call them a liar,” says the bride. See their romantic New York “I dos.”

Bride: Tamika Linton, 39, Receptionist

Groom: Maurice Jones, 39, Train Operator

The Big Day: June 7, 2014

Wedding Location: Brooklyn, New York

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

A Full Circle Love
Our lovely bride Tamika met her husband Maurice when they were freshman in high school, but they weren’t an item back then. They were both creative writing majors and shared many of the same classes for four years. “We were cordial towards one another but never romantically involved,” she recalls. After graduating in 1993, they lost touch. It wasn’t until 15 years later, in 2008, that Tamika and Maurice were reacquainted after a classmate from their creative writing workshop suggested they become friends on Facebook. After emailing back and forth a few times, they finally exchanged numbers and the romantic momentum between them just took off. On their first date they realized that neither of them were the same people they once knew when they first became acquainted as teens. “Maurice later admitted to me that he was rather nervous about us meeting up,” she adds. “The girl he remembered in high school was nothing like the woman he was reacquainting himself with now. As for me, Maurice always seemed reserved and rather shy in high school. It was nice to actually watch him let his hair down for a change.” This time it was love! “Had anyone told us all those years ago that we would be married with children, we’d probably laugh in their face or call them a liar,” Tamika adds. “But during our courtship, we realized that the chemistry between us had changed. We were no longer two teens in high school. We were now two adults who had fallen in love.”

Holiday Cheer
One Christmas morning, Maurice had a special surprise waiting for Tamika when she woke up. He placed a small wrapped box on their bed and said, “Merry Christmas.” Tamika had a hunch it might be a ring but she was trying to manage her expectations. “The box seemed small,” she said. “Small enough to hold a ring in it, but I didn’t want to build my hopes up to be let down. Although we had discussed taking things to the next level a few months back, I wasn’t sure he would propose so quickly.” Their turned out to be a beautiful watch inside. She was slightly disappointed, but she thanked him graciously and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. That’s when she spotted another small wrapped box on the living room table. She sat down and slowly opened the box. “This time, to my surprise, there really was a ring in the box!” she recalls. We bet you can guess what came next – the dream wedding the couple had always dreamed of. Share their love!

Photos: Justin Ifill-Forbes