Bride: Tamara Valentin, 30, Manage Support Specialist

Groom: Jason Jeter, 29, HR Analyst

Married On: November 19th, 2011

Wedding Location: Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

Wedding Style: Classic Elegance

A Change of Plans
In November 2001, Howard student Tamara prided herself on being more focused on the books than the boys. Which explains why the time her classmate and good friend Austin, mentioned he knew a great guy he wanted her to meet, she forgot all about it. One evening Tamara received a call from Austin asking her to join he and his friends for an evening out. Already comfortable in bed, Tamara almost passed altogether, but thankfully, she had a change of heart. It was the night she met Jason, the future love of her life. Even though Jason brought a female friend along that evening – it was strictly platonic – he found it hard to keep his eyes off the lovely Tamara. By the end of the night, they were swapping numbers and promised to keep in touch. Things went smoothly, and Tamara tells us, “the rest, as they say, is history.”

It’s Our Anniversary
To celebrate their 10th year together, Jason whisked Tamara off to a secluded West Virginia resort for a romance-filled weekend for two. On the second day of the trip, they kicked off their day with a golf lesson, followed by a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in the afternoon. After dinner, Jason told Tamara not to order dessert because he had something special waiting for her back at the room. Ending the night on a sweet note, Tamara’s thoughtful honey fed her peanut butter M&Ms in bed. Just as she started to fall asleep, he told her to come with him because he had one more surprise. Jason blindfolded Tamara and led her to a table across the room. When he removed the blindfold she saw the words “Tammy will you me?” spelled out in M&Ms. Laughing, and in shock, she told him he’d missed a word. He quickly made the fix, and she then read aloud, “Tammy, will you marry me?” A huge “yes” followed and the happy bride-to-be giggled and gushed the rest of their fairytale weekend. Exactly one year later they became husband and wife.

Photos: Anne Robert Photography