Bride: Chauntina Renee’ Smith, 40, Physician Assistant

Groom: Reginald Noverto Hill, 40, Entrepreneur/Barber

Married On: August 10. 2012

Wedding Location: Atlanta, GA

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Game On
Sometimes making a last minute change of plans can change your entire life. That’s exactly what happened when Renee’ decided to skip a night with the girls in favor of watching an NBA playoff game with her guy friends at a local sports bar. When she got there, Reggie was sitting with friends nearby. They noticed each other immediately, but he wasn’t ready to make his move just yet. The Los Angeles Lakers were playing the Orlando Magic that night, and Reggie had bet on the Magic to win. His team lost, but Reggie left there a winner anyway. On the way out, he spotted Renee’ hopping into her car in the parking lot. He quickly pulled around and blocked her in the spot to get her attention. Intrigued, she made small talk and then gave him her number. “Eager beaver Reggie called the next day,” Renee’ tells us.

Second Chances
They met for dinner at Houston’s a few days later, but their first date was less then memorable. On her way home, Renee’ sped off in a hurry and while driving she got a call from Reggie asking her where she was going so fast. Determined to charm her despite their bumpy first date, Reggie called Renee’ again two weeks later and proposed a second meet up. It wound up turning into what they like to call their “marathon date.”  They started at the movies, then went to the gym, had lunch, went home and changed, and went out to have dinner and watch the Lakers game. “We practically spent the entire day with one another,” Renee’ confesses. “From then on, I was affectionately known as ‘love,’ and him, ‘Mr. Hill.’”

Capture My Heart
One day, Reggie told Renee’ that he’d made brunch plans for two. He told her to get her hair done, not to carry a big purse, bring shades and wear comfortable shoes. She was confused, but she obliged. He whisked her off to the airport the first thing that morning, and when they arrived, she told him she wanted to be surprised by their final destination. Before she knew it, they were boarding a plane to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reggie had hired a driver for the day to escort them to Miami’s hottest locations. As soon as Renee’ got into the car, her favorite song was playing. It was no coincidence. “At this point, I’m thinking he may be about to propose,” she says. After dinner, while they were taking in the breathtaking ocean views and snapping fun photos, Reggie asked a nearby man with a nice camera if he would take their picture. Renee’ didn’t know this at the time, but Reggie had actually asked him to record the big proposal. “We climbed on top of some rocks and Mr. Hill gave a beautiful speech,” she recalls. “What a beautiful day!”

Photos: Taun Henerson

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