Bride: Stephanie Nicole Marshall, 32, Emergency Medicine Physician

Groom: Kelton Rachard Scott, 29, Risk Management

Married On: November 20, 2011

Wedding Location: Lake Lanier Island Resort, Buford, GA

Wedding Theme: Rustic Elegance

The Right Moves
It was March 2007, and Emory University medical student Stephanie Marshall and a few classmates headed out to an Atlanta bar to toast their new residencies. Midway through their celebration, Stephanie turned to find a handsome young man by her side, hoping for a dance. His name was Kelton Rachard, a student from Texas, and he was visiting family in the area for spring break. She declined his offer to hit the dance floor, but instead obliged him with a little friendly conversation. Things went so well that he managed to talk her into sharing phone numbers, and Kelton promised to keep in touch. He did, but mostly by text. “One night, tired of the long text conversations, I asked him to call me,” Stephanie says. “We spoke on the phone for four hours. I’ve been hooked on him ever since!”

A Love Above the Rest
Like most medical students, Stephanie was no stranger to back-to-back overnight shifts. Working nights and sleeping days left her more tired than most, but after three blissful years together, she and Kelton had finally found their groove. They squeezed in a date whenever they could, even if it meant burning the candle at both ends. One chilly Friday in December, Kelton took the day off and asked Stephanie to be ready for a top-secret date that afternoon when she got off work.

He drove her to a small nearby airport where they would often go to sit and watch the planes take off and land. Stephanie was thrilled to learn they were about to embark on a romantic helicopter tour of Atlanta. The lovebirds wore headsets to communicate over the noise of the blades. The view alone left them both nearly speechless, but there was still something Kelton needed to say. “He told me that the 3 years that we had been together were the best years of his life, and he knew that I was the person that he wanted to marry,” Stephanie remembers. “He told me that we would soar to new heights together.” Kelton, who was well prepared for this moment, pulled out a ring, two plastic champagne glasses, and a mini bottle of champagne. She said yes, and the happy couple set off to plan a dreamy outdoor fall wedding. Share their love!

Photos: Melissa Prosser Photography
Event Styling and Planning: All Events Perfect