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Bridal Bliss: Kenny and Krystal's Southern Elegant Wedding

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Allen, newlyweds whose love story began with a kind exhange of smiles. Their wedding will take your breath away.

Bride: Krystal Hardy, 31, Principal

Groom: Kenny Allen, Jr., 33, Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Coach

The Big Day: 9/5/2015

Location: Selma, Alabama

Style: Southern Elegance

For Krystal and Kenny, love was found in a workout class. When Kenny’s warm and inviting eyes locked with Krystal’s, her heart fluttered and her focused narrowed on him and only him. During a break in their dance class, Kenny asked Krystal–a complete stranger–for a sip from her water bottle. When Krystal suggested that it might be a little unsanitary to drink after someone he didn’t know, he cleverly and cooly replied, “It’s OK. I’ll get to know you soon enough, and one day, we’ll share a water bottle because that’s what couples do.” And get to know her he did. After 5 years (and a few breakups later), Kenny made the move to make Krystal his forever. Over the Easter weekend in 2014, Kenny enlisted the help of his future bride’s family, friends and loved ones to help pop the question. To her complete surprise and obvious joy, Krystal was moved to tears and said yes! Take a look at the royal and posh charm wedding that was full of nothing but southern sophistication. 

Photos by Cathi Milanes Photography

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