Bride: Simone Wellington, 33, Events & Experience Manager for a Wellness Company Groom: Sean M. Wellington, 32, Producer Wedding Date: September 1, 2018 Wedding Location: Akwaaba – The Mansion at Noble Lane – Poconos, PA Wedding Theme: Modern Glam and Black Elegance Wedding Photographer: Kesha Lambert Photography Wedding Entertainment: DJ: Jason Anthony, TSG Productions  / Drummer: Carlin “The Docta”

The Love Story

How did you meet? “We met in 2003 as freshmen at Temple University. Sean was watching TV in a neighboring dorm room when I happened to be walking by and my attention was grabbed by a vulgar talking baby on the screen. Sean was perplexed that I had never seen an episode of ‘Family Guy’ and didn’t know that little baby was ‘Stewie’. One conversation turned into several, and as the weeks went by, we learned more and more about each other. Both of us were from New York so I let Sean accompany me on my Greyhound trip home for Christmas. It was on that bus, after hours of conversation, where Sean and I had our first kiss and the rest is history.” How did he propose? “I love holidays, and none more than Christmas. An annual tradition for my family is to visit the famous Garabedian Christmas House on Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. One day before Sean and I were supposed to spend Christmas out of town, we visited the house. Sean, who is notoriously uninterested in holidays, seemed unusually persistent that we not only visit the house before the trip, but that I wear something ‘nice’ even though he was wearing sweatpants. Once we arrived, I wandered off for what couldn’t have been more than two minutes to explore the far side of the house. When I walked back I was shocked to see Sean was wearing a full suit. He got down on one knee and popped the question whilst playing a video he edited for me featuring photos of us throughout the years and special messages from my family. The entire moment was captured on Facebook and Instagram Live for our friends and family to witness too.”