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Bridal Bliss: Shuntae and Dunta's Wedding Story

Shuntae and Dunta were high school sweethearts. For the yearbook, she was asked which guy at their school she most wanted to be her boyfriend and she picked him. Her wish came true and now Dunta is her husband. See their fantastic Charleston “I dos!”

Bride: Jennifer “Shuntae” McRae, 31, Retail Store Owner/Real Estate Investor

Groom: Willie “Dunta” Robinson, 32, NFL Player/Entrepreneur

The Big Day: May 10, 2014

Wedding Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Wedding Style: Classic Elegance

The Game Of Love
Stellar athletes and high school sweethearts Dunta and Shuntae’s love story has a super sweet beginning. She was a sophomore and he was a senior. While being interviewed for their school yearbook, Shuntae was asked to answer some pretty tough questions, one of them being, “If you could date any upperclassmen who would it be and why?” Her answer led her to the love of her life. “I replied, ‘Dunta Robinson, because he is really nice and has an amazing smile and his infectious smile can light up any room,’” she recalls. “Shortly after that we began our journey of love.” They stayed together when he went to college even though Shuntae was still in high school. “Our competitive nature and love for sports was truly our first bond,” she admits. “I had a few basketball and volleyball offers for school, but decided to turn those down in order to be able to make our relationship work. Being a college athlete was such a strong commitment, and I knew it would have been extremely difficult if we were both one.” Shuntae’s sacrifice paid off. Their relationship remained rock solid over the years and their careers took off just as expected.

When You Know, You Know
Dunta never officially proposed to Shutnae because he didn’t have to. “We had an informal engagement,” she shares. “We decided that the timing was right in 2013 over a vacation in the Dominican Republic, then planned the wedding to occur within the following year.” We love it when a couple knows exactly what they want for themselves and don’t need to make a big fuss. “Once we decided that the timing was right for us to commit, we first informed our nine year old son and seven year old daughter,” Shuntae shares. “The family unit has always been important for the both of us, so we shared the news with our kiddos first and they were overjoyed. This allowed us to really see and understand the importance of setting examples and explaining to your children the things that go on in life whether right or wrong.” The couple’s romantic “I dos” were like a fairytale. See their South Carolina wedding day and share their love!

Photos: Inije Photography