Bride: Shaundra K. Anderson, 35, Wedding Planner

Groom: David M. Anderson, 36, Business Consultant

Married Since: June 25, 2011

Wedding Location: The Atrium, Atlanta, GA

Mixing Business with Pleasure

In 2006 Shaundra decided to start her own business. She was motivated and wanted to be sure she made all the right moves. A close friend recommended a business consultant she trusted named David and arranged for them to meet. David and Shaundra sat down to discuss business, but wound up talking about that and then some. The chemistry was there, without question. It was on this special day that soul mates found each other and a beautiful friendship was born — one that would inevitably lead to more than either of them could have ever dreamed of.

I Can’t Wait Another Minute
Fast forward four blissful years later to New Year’s Eve 2010. Shaundra and David were attending midnight service at their church, like they do each year, and she noticed something off about her love.

“David was acting a little weird and kept asking me all of these off the wall questions about the future,” says Shaundra. “I knew he was thinking about proposing, but we had passed my birthday, his birthday, and Christmas; so I had pretty much given up on knowing when.”

Just as the bishop concluded a sermon about taking action, the countdown began. David turned to Shaundra and said, ”I don’t want another to go by without you being my wife.” Caught in the moment, Shaundra excitedly responded, “Are you serious?” He was. “Will you be my wife?” he asked.

“I said ‘Yes’,” says Shaundra. “We shared our first kiss as an engaged couple as balloons dropped from the ceiling, signifying a new year and a new chapter for David and me.”

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Photos by Ross Oscar Knight Photography
Event Design by B. Moore Events
Event Coordination by ellyB Events