Bride: Shalisha Galloway Smith, 24, Teacher

Groom: Bencil Quinn Smith, 25, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Married On: June 18, 2011

Wedding Location: Bell Tower, Houston, TX

Wedding Theme: Sophisticated elegance

The Interception
Back in 2004 at a high school football game, a young Shalisha and friends were scoping out the cute guys in the bleachers when her eyes landed on Bencil – a gorgeous guy in a red shirt she couldn’t stop staring it. His glance met hers and as he walked over to her, she thought to herself, this is going well. But Shalisha wasn’t expecting what happened next. Bencil asked her age and told her he wanted to introduce her to his little brother. Surprised that he thought she was younger, Shalisha told him she was actually closer to his age. Luckily, it didn’t take long for Bencil to realize she was actually more his type. That’s when their friendship began, and although Shalisha says Bencil played hard to get for awhile, by 2005 they were officially an item.

Paradise in Paradise
Five years later and long after their solid happy relationship had survived their college years, Shalisha and Bencil planned a romantic trip for two to Cancun. On their second day there she learned Bencil had a very special evening planned for them. It began with a private seafood dinner on the beach, complete with private service and champagne. It was the perfect moment, and just as it was winding down, Bencil turned to Shalisha and said, “We have the beach right behind us, private waiters, rose petals, and strawberries, but we’re missing one thing.” Confused, Shalisha watched as Bencil got down on bended knee in the sand and popped the question. As she let out an ecstatic “yes” all the bystanders who’d been silently watching on began to clap and cheer for them. Shalisha couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal. A year later they said I do in a lavish ceremony before their closest family and friends. Share their love!

Photos by RH Photo Arts

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