Bride: Kim Mahabirsingh Grant, 35 Groom: Theron Grant, 37 Hometown: Malverne, Long Island, New York Occupations: Kim–Freelance Event Planner; Theron–Clinical Oncology Specialist Wedding Date: August 2, 2008 Wedding Location: Azul Beach Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico Second Time Around Kim and Theron began hanging out as friends while the two were going through their respective divorces. They were able to give each other support in closing their chapters. Little did they know they would be entering a new phase of love together. “I think that when you come from a failed marriage it becomes so much easier to identify the things that you really want from a partner,” Kim says of finding what she wanted in Theron. “I think because we went through that together it was just so much easier to identify what we needed in each other.” Love Factory “We did a lot of hanging out with our mutual friends at their house in Connecticut while we were getting to know each other, but for our actual first date, we met up at the Cheesecake Factory. It was so simple, but because it was both of our first time dating again after our separations that little date was so nerve-wrecking,” Kim giggles. Everybody, Gather Round Before Kim’s birthday, Theron kept encouraging her to throw herself a big dinner party to celebrate. Finally the event planner in her gave in and she organized the bash. Theron enlisted one of Kim’s best friends to take her shopping for a new dress and to make sure she could get her hair done. On the night of the dinner, with all their friends around, Theron ordered a bottle of champagne and stood up and said “I’m so glad to be with you and your friends for your birthday. I want to be around for all of your Birthdays,” and then got down on one knee and asked Kimberly to marry him. “I was so surprised,” Kim remembers. “My face was so shocked and everyone was clapping and I just loved that he planned it with all my friends involved.” Vintage-Inspired Bling Theron bought Kim a cushion cut two-karat diamond ring surrounded by one karat of pave diamonds that added a little old-school Hollywood glam to Kim’s left hand. It Takes Two “I have a secret,” Kim said. “I had two wedding dresses. My husband doesn’t know this, Kim giggled, outing herself about not being in love with her first dress. Don’t worry hubby, she sold the original wedding gown to a consignment shop and got her mermaid-shaped, lace dress with a heart-shaped bodice. The Right Fit After walking down the aisle for the second time, Kim says this union feels just right. “After the wedding, I felt like I got it right this time,” she sighs. All in the Family Kim has a son and a daughter from her former marriage and Theron has one son. They make their blended family work through open communication with and respect for all parents involved. “The good news is that we have good relationships with the other parents. We’re always making sure that we’re collaborating, Kim explains. “We’re blessed because I don’t think that happens all the time. My kids feel very comfortable with him and they love him. I love his son. We feel very much like a blended family.” If you or someone you know would like to be the subject of a future Bridal Bliss feature, write to us at and tell us your love story. Be sure to include a photo of you and your new husband. Read More: