Bride: Keshawn Vernee’ Ridgel, 33, Marketing Manager and Wedding Planner

Groom: Joseph Hamilton Rashad Hughes, 37, Territory Sales Manager

Married On: September 2, 2012

Wedding Location: Atlanta, GA

Wedding Style: Modern and Whimsical

Sisterly Love
When Keshawn confided in her sorority sisters Sulean and Raushanah and told them that she really wanted to meet a nice man, they took action. Sulean immediately thought about her running buddy J.R., whom she knew to be a real stand up guy. “She had mentioned him in casual conversation a time or two in the past, and I noticed that he liked a Facebook picture where she and I were posed together, but other than that, I didn’t know anything about him or what to expect,” says Keshawn. “All I knew is that I was open to trying out a new place and having some fun conversation.” After Sulean sent glowing emails describing Keshawn and J.R. to each other, the ladies set up a time for them to meet after work one evening. From the moment she arrived, they talked nonstop. They enjoyed each other so much they took their date to a second location. “After chatting for five hours I finally decided to head home close to midnight,” she recalls. “Needless to say, our blind date was a success!”

Run to You
Keshawn and J.R. love to run and they sign up for races several times a year. They both also love the city of Savannah, GA, and registered for their inaugural Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Earlier that year, unbeknownst to Keshawn, J.R. purchased her engagement ring and asked her parents for her hand in marriage. He planned to propose to her in the city where they spent their first Valentine’s Day together. After their race, they had a fun night on the town dining and drinking with one of their favorite couples. Right before midnight, J.R. lead Keshawn out to the river walk, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She was elated and happily accepted. After they hugged for what seemed like forever, they all walked to their last spot of the night, a lively piano bar, and toasted their engagement. Being a wedding planner, Keshawn got right on her bride-to-be duties and the loving couple were happily married in Atlanta 10 months later. Share their love!

Photos: Melissa Prosser Photography

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