Bride: Renice L. Mallory, 32

Groom: Ronte M. Mallory, 34

The Big Day: June 26, 2014

Wedding Location: Lesner Inn, Virginia Beach

A Holiday Wish Come True
After meeting at work, Renice and Ronte began their relationship with a beautiful bond. “We started out as really good friends and that lead into an irresistible feeling of knowing I couldn’t live without him,” she admits. “We both felt the same way.” With every year they spent together as a couple, they became more and more crazy about each other. During their fifth holiday season together, Ronte had a special question to ask Renice.

It was a typical Thursday evening, just a couple days after Christmas. Renice was on the phone with Ronte’s cousin when she walked in the bedroom and noticed that Ronte had left the Christmas tree on their nightstand lit. “I noticed two boxes that sparkled like the sun’s rays,” she recalls. “I immediately dropped the phone and screamed to the top of my lungs as tears poured from eyes.” One box had a square note inside that said “Will You” and the other one carried a note that read “Marry Me?” Just like that, Renice’s fun-loving and unpredictable guy had wooed her with the most unexpected surprise proposal – he wasn’t even there to see her big reaction.

“I told his cousin the news, and when Ronte came home, I jumped in his arms and said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ I kissed him all over his face!” (Aww!) See their romantic, vintage-inspired wedding day and share their love!

Photography: Keith Cephus Photography

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