Bridal Bliss: Raven and Tracy’s Maryland Wedding
Kauwaune Burton and DeIra Lacy

Bride: Raven Moore, 28, Human Resources Specialist

Groom: Tracy McQueen Jr., 28, Engineer

Wedding Day: May 24, 2014

Wedding Location: The Hotel at Arundel Preserve-Hanover, MD

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

Funny Meeting You Here
Raven knew she was headed to Miami with her sorority sister for Memorial Day weekend to have some fun and make new memories, but the last thing she expected was for one of them to be the story of how she met her husband.  And, it goes a little something like this: The ladies were enjoying a refreshing dinner on an outdoor patio when they spotted two guys pulling up on their motorcycles. Raven’s line sister walked over to ask one of the guys if she could take a picture on his bike. Raven came along, and while her friend started chatting up the friendly biker, she noticed that the other guy was left standing there alone.

With a little liquid confidence flowing through her system, Raven decided to walk over and introduce herself. The guy’s name was Tracy and their first conversation went very well. A few minutes later, the four of them had agreed to meet-up later on that evening for a double date. “Tracy and I ended up on the beach that night,” Raven recalls. “We stayed there until the sun rose talking about everything we could think of.”

Tracy and Raven were glued to each other for the remainder of their vacations, and when it was for her to head back home to Washington, D.C., she was sad to leave and see Tracey return home to Atlanta. They couldn’t wait to begin a long distance friendship, which quickly blossomed into much more. “Our texts turned into daily conversations, which then turned into weekend trips to visit each other,” she adds. “The rest, as they say, is history!”

Back To The Future
Raven and Tracy took a quick vacation to the Bahamas and decided to hang out in Miami for a couple of days when they returned. “We went to go have dinner on the same patio at restaurant where we first met,” she recalls. “We stood up to have the manager take a picture of us and all of a sudden a man comes out of nowhere with a video camera.” At this point, Raven has no clue what’s happening.  The manager took their picture and then Tracy said, “Wait there’s something else.” He took her hand, dropped down on bended knee and proposed right there. “I was so shocked,” Raven recalls. “I looked up and the entire restaurant, wait staff included, was in tears too. It was really special!”