Bride: O’Shea L. Guillory, 33, Corporate Tech Advisor

Groom: Shawn P. Guillory, 33, Government Contractor

Married On: October 6, 2013

Wedding Location: Greystone At Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Wedding Style: Whimsical Elegance

Campus Crush
O’Shea and Shawn began dating back in college while they both attended Georgia State University and worked at AT&T. “I had seen him around campus briefly, but we met officially when he was hired at my office,” she tells us. “When I first saw Shawn, my friend and I had a, ‘Girl, did you just see that dude? He was so fine!’ conversation as soon as we could get far enough away that he could not hear or see us.” But as all couples learn, true love doesn’t work on your schedule. The lovebirds dated on an off for almost 10 years before making it official. “After dating in college, we remained friends but went our separate ways,” O’Shea recalls. “Four years ago we gave it another try. And, you know what? I wouldn’t trade any of it because I feel like there were no surprises when it came to who I married!

A Visit To Remember
Shawn works outside of the country and can only visit the states for one month out of each year. In January 2012 he was due for his big visit and O’Shea just couldn’t wait to see him again. For the last few days before his big arrival, he was unusually tough to reach and she found it rather strange. When she picked him up from the airport, she was so lost in the bliss of the moment that she forgot to ask what he’d been up to. The next day he told her to come with him to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park despite the chilly winter weather. When they arrived, Shawn began acting strangely again. For starters, he wouldn’t let O’Shea put her purse in the trunk before they started their walk, and then he told her to walk ahead of him and find the gazebo. When Shawn finally caught up to O’Shea, she was a little frustrated, hungry and wanted an explanation for the mission he’d sent her on. That’s when the magic happened. He told her that he’d been in the states for three days because he went to Texas to ask her father for her hand in marriage. (Aww!) A romantic and unforgettable proposal with a gorgeous diamond ring followed his big reveal. O’Shea was so excited that she almost fell into the nearby lake. The happy couple spent 20 months carefully planning the whimsical “I dos” of their dreams. See their Atlanta wedding style and share their love!

Photos: Nadia D. Photography

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