Bride: Remy Vanessa Humphrey, 28, eCommerce Buyer

Groom: Lamont Johnson, 30, Pricing Manager

Married On: March 24, 2013

Wedding Location: Atlanta, GA

Wedding Style: Modern Elegance

My Office Crush
When the time is right, true love will find you. Just ask Remy and Lamont, who met on the job. After graduating college, she moved to Atlanta to began working as an assistant buyer at a major retailer. He already worked in the division and eventually they became cube neighbors. After two years of friendship, their bond grew deeper and the two started dating. They knew exactly how blessed they were to have found each other and decided it was time to be exclusive. It was the best decision they ever made.

Dinner For Two
It was Christmastime 2011 and Lamont and Remy no longer worked together. He asked her to be his date for his office holiday party and she was very excited to meet his new co-workers. “Plus, I love any excuse to get all dolled up,” she says. It was raining that night, and the hostess informed them that they were first to arrive, but offered to seat them in the room anyway. She opened the door to a private room adorned with candles and rose petals and no one else inside. “I was extremely confused,” Remy admits. “Why are we the first people here?” she then asked. “Can everyone fit in this room?” That’s when she realized something was up. Lamont turned to her and said: “There is no Christmas party. It’s just us baby.” He asked her to sit with him and then presented Remy with the sweetest, most touching speech and asked for her hand in marriage. She was so happy she was almost in a state of shock. “I happily accepted,” she tells us. “The night was so romantic, and I just kept asking myself if it was all real. It was a dream come true.”

Photos: Enmuse Photography