Bride: Nykeba Laurie-Lynn Anthony, 31, Medical Operations Officer

Groom: Lacrederick Rowan Jackson, 34, Military Police Officer

Married On: November 18, 2011

Wedding Location: The Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA

Wedding Style: Simple Elegance

God, Show Me the Way
After surviving a rough breakup in November 2009, military police officer Lacrederick Jackson knew he needed a change — the kind of change that would set his life moving in a new direction. “I came to the realization that I needed Christ to lead my life,” says Jackson. “I decided to exclusively give my life over to Jesus. I always knew what type of woman I wanted to be with, so I simply left it up to God.” His prayers were answered a year later when he began working with a beautiful medical officer named Nykeba. “I felt the warmth in her spirit, and we connected instantly,” he says. “I was shocked and excited at the same time.” Although they had to keep things between them strictly professional at the time, even Nykeba knew there was something very special about LaCrederick. “He was the new guy in charge; real calm, collective, smooth and quiet,” she recalls.

Rise and Shine
One day, out of the blue, he asked her to go to breakfast. That would become their first official date. “I told her I don’t date; I interview wives,” recalls Lacrederick. Nykeba laughed, not knowing just how serious Lacrederick was about his quest to find a partner. She didn’t know it yet, but he already had a hunch she was the one sent for him from heaven.

You Bring Me Up
Nyekba and Lacrederick had gone ring shopping together so many times before, she honestly had no clue when he planned to propose. Then one morning she awoke to find her spirits slightly weary from a long workweek. Thankfully, Lacredrick was there to comfort her. Nykeba placed her head on his shoulder as he turned to say, “Everything will be okay… forever!” She looked over and saw him holding an engagement ring and began to cry. He then asked her to be his wife. She said “yes,” and the happy couple immediately began to plan their happily ever after.

Photos: Keith Cephus Photography