Bride: Natasha Louis Charles, 33, Transit Administrator

Groom: Marvin Alexander, 37, Police Office

The Big Day: June 1, 2014

Wedding Location: Miami, Florida

From Bad to Good
Sometimes a good thing can come from being stuck at a bad job. Natasha and Marvin met at a job they both hated. “We worked at a call center dealing with the snobbiest customers ever!” she recalls. “And, our first meeting wasn’t on the best terms either.” She was the new girl at the call center who was hired to manage the agents and Marvin was a supervisor there. When Marvin messed up something with her payroll hours, Natasha walked over to his office to give him a piece of her mind. When she got there, he took one look at her and said, “You’re beautiful and I can tell I’m going to like you and you’re going to like me back!” She had a boyfriend at the time, so she wasn’t buying it. But fate had other plans. He later told her, “You and I both have situations, let’s make them different.” “I laughed, but here we are today,” Natasha teases. True love does have a way of working itself out.

What A Surprise
In 2008, Natasha’s sister threw herself a 70s themed birthday party at her home. Marvin planned to sneak a moment away from the party to propose to Natasha in front of her entire family, something she’d always wished for. While she was upstairs showing a few of her friends her new shoes, her sister-in-law suddenly called out for her to come back downstairs. When she got downstairs, all of her friends and family were standing around.  Marvin emerged from the crowd and reached out for her hand. Natasha realized what was happening and began to shiver with excitement. After a few sentimental words, Marvin pulled the ring from his pocket. “I can’t remember if he got down on his knee, but I do know I said yes and ran outside with him,” she says.

A Dream Deferred
Natasha and Marvin began planning their wedding day, but midway through the process, Natasha and Marvin scrapped their plans and decided to elope. “We had so much love for each other that we decided to bring a baby into the world before the nuptials,” she says. “I lost some money on the wedding we were planning, but we decided to have our pastor and two witnesses marry us before God at my tiny apartment in 2009.” The following year, the happy couple went to the courthouse for a legally recognized ceremony. So that means our wedding was the first and last wedding that I never got. This year they finally threw the dream wedding they always wanted. “It was a blessing to have my children experience mommy and daddy profess their love in front of so many people,” she shares. See their romantic Miami wedding and share their love.

Photos: Nate Veal Photography