Bride: Nadine Dorsainvil, 28, Finance Specialist

Groom: Eddy Dorsainvil, 29, Marketing Director

Married On: July 4, 2011

Wedding Location: The Biltmore, Atlanta, GA

Wedding Style: Classic

A Playground Crush
It’s not often that a woman can say she met her soul mate in elementary school, but Nadine can. When she was 8-years-old, she met 9-year-old Eddy — and it was your typical elementary school crush — they couldn’t stand each other! Their families were connected through their church and lived right around the corner from each other. Sadly, before Eddy could realize girls didn’t actually have “cooties,” Nadine and her family had moved out of their Philadelphia home and relocated to Atlanta.

Have Faith
Fast-forward seven years to 2001. Although Eddy and Nadine’s family had kept in touch, they hadn’t seen each other since childhood and had lost touch. There was a big youth conference for their church members in Atlanta, and Eddy and his friends stayed at her family home while in town. “From that moment on, we were inseparable,” recalls Nadine.

Whatever It Takes
Starting a long distance relationship isn’t for the weak, Eddy insists. He and Nadine fell so deeply in love they decided to try and make it work — in doing so, there were quite a few sacrifices. “Sacrifices like getting out of bed at 2am to sneak out the house and run to the nearest gas station to buy a calling card so you can finish saying goodnight,” says Eddy. “I bought the first camera phone ever made and used all my unlimited minutes. We IMed so much it looked like a blog. I think we invented FaceTime before Apple.” Nadine admits it wasn’t easy loving Eddy from afar, but she kept the faith. “We made it work with every fiber of our being,” she recalls. “We didn’t know what was going to happen between us but we believed that God had brought us together after seven years of a reason.”

My Love Is as Deep as the Sea
After five tough years of stretching their love across state lines, Nadine and Eddy finally got their chance to be together full-time. After graduating from college, Nadine relocated to Philly to be with her man. Things only got better between them. Known for being an adventurous pair, Nadine and Eddy decided to get certified for SCUBA diving to explore the ocean floor together. He decided this would be the perfect time to propose to his love of seven years, so he went ahead and formally asked her father for permission.

While on their big dive, Nadine and Eddy were underwater watching fish go by when he pulled out a ring box and pointed at her finger. Right there underwater he slid a lovely rose gold diamond ring onto her finger. Overcome with emotion, Nadine couldn’t catch her breath, so Eddy helped her up to the surface. The first thing she said when she caught her breath and got some air was “Yes!” Share their love!

Photos by Scobey Photography and Event Planning by ellyB Events