Bride: Dalia Adjei, 30

Groom: Jesse Adjei, 31

Married Since: July 3, 2011

Wedding Location: Nestleton, Ontario, Canada

Wedding Theme: Modern meets Traditional

Young Love

Back when he was in high school, Jesse had a secret crush on Dalia. Convinced he had to meet her, he begged a mutual friend to introduce them after school. It was right in front of the gymnasium doors — the same spot he’d always see her passing by that Jesse and Dalia first exchanged words.

Both athletes spent a lot of time in the gym getting to know each other — they even had their first kiss there. Jesse and Dalia were joined at the hip and their love story didn’t end when they graduated, like many often do. What they had was real.

In It for the Long Haul

Two years into their relationship, Jesse decided to go to college abroad. Dalia wanted him to follow his dreams as she was chasing hers, but she was sure she’d dearly miss her soul mate. “He was an extremely passionate varsity basketball player and he needed the opportunity that was before him,” says Dalia. “The long-distance thing was very hard, but eventually we adjusted. We talked every day, took planes, took buses, whatever, to see each other when we could throughout that five-year period.”

An Anniversary Surprise

Each year on the anniversary of the day they met, Dalia and Jesse do something special to celebrate. On one in particular, Jesse told his ladylove to pack a bag because they were going somewhere special. Dalia had a feeling he had something up his sleeve.

“The night before, my gut had nervous jitters for some reason,” she says. “I could not sleep well and felt a little anxious, but I didn’t think he’d be proposing because I thought the timing might not be right with all that was happening in our lives.”

Little did she know, Jesse couldn’t wait another minute — he whisked her off to a lovely hotel that night and waited for his moment. He pulled out a box and turned to Dalia and nervously said, “I planned to do this over dinner, but I can’t wait any longer.” Just like that, their moment had come.

“I just couldn’t stop smiling,” says Dalia. “ I knew this was meant to be.”